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Top Tourist Attractions in Seychelles

Vallee de Mai
Scuba Diving and snorkeling
La Digue
Botanical Garden
Mission Lodge
Marine Park
Nature trail
Kenwyn House
Victoria Market
Domain Val-de-pres

Botanical Garden

Start your Victoria trail by visiting the botanical garden. Visit a variety of indigenous plants found in Seychelles at the Botanical Garden in addition to several introduced species of plants. You can also see the Coco de Mer tree planted by Duke of Edinburgh through his short visit to the Seychelles in 1956. There is also pen housing of Aldabra tortoises. Open daily 08.00a.m-17.00p.m except for Sundays where no guides are available.

Mission Lodge

The Mission Lodge is found in the middle of the Morne Seychellois National Park, a place so quiet that you can hear all the historical activities in the surroundings. Overlooking the southwest of Mahe provides superb panoramic view for the perfect souvenir. A place where Queen Elisabeth II sat for tea and Marion North made her paintings.

Vallee De Mai

Found in Praslin National Park Vallee De Mai is one of the two world heritage site of the Seychelles. The Vallee de Mai is home to the world’s largest nut the Coco De Mer palm, where it grows abundantly.

Marine Park

Seychelles islands consist of 14 marine reserves in which 6 are Marine National Parks. With an amazing underwater marine life in which visitors can explore, there is also a strict policy when it comes to the preservation of these marine live. The collection of shells, fishing, damaging or disturbing living or dead plants or animals are not permitted.


Just opposite the Cable and Wireless is the Esplanade craft kiosk, where you can take your time and choose some of the Seychelles locally made products by local artisans, demonstrating the mixture of culture within Seychellois nation. Sheltered by the shade of the flamboyant trees and cool breeze perfect to shop and buy souvenir for your love ones. Shop in one of the oldest and most noble examples of French colonial architecture on the island, Kenwyn house holds a perfect showcase of fabulous displays of diamonds and fine jewellery.

Domain Val-de-prés/ Craft Village

Consist of a series of small Creole bungalows. Each has its own specialty handicraft, such as beautifully presented soap made with coconut oil, glass mobile, artifacts made from hard coconut shells, locally made clothing and colorful silk paintings, to name only a few. Some of the bungalows functions as workshops and you can watch the craftsman at work. For a greater variety of local made handy craft visit the Esplanade in Victoria on Francis Rachel Street, next to the library.

La Digue
Nature Trail
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