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Snorkeling in the Seychelles offers a wide range of expectation. Snorkeling is normally done in well known spots, most of which are marine parks. You can also have some great snorkeling excitement by staying close the shore. These areas are shallow waters, 2.5 meters maximum depths. The most important things to remember when snorkeling are;

  • Minimize the duration of stay in the water for you not to get sun burn.
  • You can snorkel anywhere but please obey current warning signs when in display.

The Seychelles Island offers you the perfect snorkeling spot. Watch and detect the sight of some eye catching marine life. from coral. Weeds, shells, fishes, crabs. Enjoy the sight of green sea turtle, Bat Fish, colorful butterfly Fishes, Parrot Fishes and various tropical fishes. Best snorkeling can be found in the Marine parks and location close to the islands 

Popular snorkeling sites;
When on mahe,  Anse Royale (near Île souris), for children and adults alike, then port launay marine park. Bel Ombre anse diri and anse Major are equally nice but requires a 2.5KM walk in the Morne Seychellois national part to get there. On praslin the best place is coco island from cote d’or. Other marine parks are, ste anne close to Victoria, Curieuse near Praslin

If you come in the month of October then you would be able to enjoy the sight of whales sharks and if you are brave enough swim with it.

We currently do not have any snorkeling packages because guest tends to bring their own equipment and have fun at their own pace.

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